A Detailed and Insider Review of James Dean’s 3 Red Light Fix/E74 Fix

I’m here today to give you a review of the most widely known Xbox 360 Repair Guide on the Internet.

Just last year, my Xbox 360 acquired the dreaded E74 error. After searching the Internet for countless weeks, I thought I knew how to fix my Xbox 360 on my own. I tried my so-called “fix”, and ended rendering my Xbox 360 useless. Believe it or not, the second Xbox 360 I bought also obtained the E74. I had considered sending it back to Microsoft, but after a short phone call with one of Microsoft’s representatives, he explained to me that the whole process would take up to 6 weeks. Also, since my console was out of warranty period, I would have to pay over $100 to get it fixed. I absolutely did not want to pay Microsoft anything, and I just wanted a cheap, fast, and reliable fix. So, after researching alternative fixes, I decided to order this E74 Fix. The guide accomplished exactly what it claimed it would do. It had my Xbox 360 running again, and my console has not had any problems since the fix. In this review I hope to highlight the good and the bad of James Dean’s 3 Red Light Fix/E74 Fix.


• The fix will most likely take slightly longer than the 1 hour that it claims.
• Fixing a Xbox 360 requires some basic handy skills.
• The fix requires some household items.


• The videos had much needed detailed, making it possible to be followed by almost anyone.
• The guide is cheaper than sending your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft, and most other fixes.
• The precise details help you to avoid messing other components up by mistake.
• Relatively short amount of time until you are back to gaming.
• If you have any questions, the support system was great.
• Last but not least, instant access to the fix!


The James Dean’s 3 Red Light Fix can be used to fix the RROD, the E74 error, and other various Xbox 360 problems. I would recommend this fix to anyone who has a Xbox 360 that is not still under warranty. By purchasing this guide you save yourself 6 weeks or more of waiting, and probably around $70. The guide is well constructed, and provides a good quality fix in a little more than an hour.

Find the James Dean’s 3 Red Light Fix/E74 Fix by following the link.

For more information on the Xbox 360 E74 fix, follow the link to my own personal website.

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