What Dating and Relationships Will Be Like in 500 Years


Whether you call it a hunch, gut instinct, intuition, sixth sense, or just knowing, everyone has at least some psychic ability, even if they don’t acknowledge it. The more psychic you are, especially if you trust your judgment, the easier it can be to prepare for and navigate through the tribulations and blessings of life.

Imagine if you were extremely psychic. How would it change your love life? Would it be more satisfying? Possibly, though as they say, ignorance is bliss. Now imagine if everyone was extremely psychic. While it may take another 500 years or more to reach this point, we believe society is moving toward an overall heightened sixth sense, as well as being in a position to trust it much more so and not just write it off as “crazy thinking” or “your imagination.” We also believe this was the norm in select lost civilizations before recorded history, many thousands of years ago, according to our past life research Dating and relationships.

What follows are some ways dating and relationships would be different in a psychic society. Keep in mind this is written with the estimation that with a society that has advanced psychic ability will come the acceptance of reincarnation, karma, and fate.

1) Being single will be far more popular. Instead of feeling pressured to pair off, most singles will relish their alone time and freedom. Their heightened psychic ability will allow them to perceive those select past lives of sorrow and extreme sacrifice due to attempting to force relationships that were not meant to be “forever,” and thus they’ll feel so much gratitude for the lessons learned and for being in a much better position now.

They’ll also be able to perceive the good relationship experiences of their distant past lives, thus be open to more of the same, but this time they’ll be in no rush to find someone, feel no void within to fill and have absolutely no feelings of incompleteness just because they’re single. They’re spiritually aware enough to realize that love is all around them, and they are never really alone. There will no longer be a fear of “growing old alone.”

2) “Find love in 90 days” and other, similar programs will be seen for what they are: unrealistic. In the future, people will enjoy a strong conscious awareness of their path in life, including when they are meant to meet a compatible partner, and will avoid spending time trying to convert one that isn’t. They’ll also know when they are meant to be single, and understand it’s not negotiable through free will.

Seers who use the comprehensive ancient sciences of prediction and delineation (astrology and numerology) will be popular since people will sometimes want to confirm their psychic premonitions.

3) “Together forever,” especially from a very young age, will be seen as more of a fantasy than reality. People will understand that every relationship has time limits because they’ll be able to perceive what is meant to be and for how long. They will accept that some friendships and relationships are meant to be life-long, but many are not.

4) Couples will feel much more equal in dating and relationships. Perceived inequalities between the sexes will fade away. In addition, everyone will see each other as they are without pretense and there will be no pressure or need to impress a potential partner with expensive romantic dates or gifts, for example. Some will choose this route in a nostalgic gesture that mirrors their shared past lives, but to most, this dating custom will be seen as silly, unnecessary, outdated, and akin to prostitution (which will be accepted as a private transaction between two consenting adults ).

5) Homosexuality and bisexuality won’t be an issue. Someone’s sexual orientation will be as unimportant as the color of his or her eyes. In addition, there will be little shame or embarrassment associated with sex and sexuality.

What do you see 500 or more years from now? Let us know.

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