Why Do Most Solar Panels Have 36 Solar Cells?


Most solar panel systems that offer electricity to a 12 volt solar system have 3 6 cells for a very simple reason.

Solar panels are available in various sizes. Other sizes are by 5, 5, 4 by 4, and 6. There are some other odd sizes, too, but these really are the common sizes utilized for producing electricity in homes and cabins.สปอตไลต์​โซล่าเซลล์

How this happens is discussed in the following article called,”How in the World Can a Small Solar Mobile Make Electricity”. For this talk, it’s enough to learn that each cell in this size range produces about .55 volts. In other words, only a little more than half of a volt.

In off-the-grid solar installations, electricity produced by the cells at a solar power has been stored in batteries. Without this, there could be no power for your home or cabin after dark. However, batteries have their own constraints and may be damaged should over-charged. Because of this, it’s important that the solar panels will be producing the amount of power the batteries can handle.

In a 12-volt system, by way of example, the batteries may receive upto 17 volts so on a consistent basis without causing them damage, so long as the power in them is used on a daily basis. Some voltage is lost as it moves down the wire to the battery so producing approximately 19 volts is ideal.

Here’s the math… If each cell in the plank produces.55 volts and we all want the panel to make about 1 9 liter, we can split 1 9 volts by the amount of volts produced by each individual solar cell, .55 volts, plus we receive 35.5. Meaning if we now have 35.5 solarcells — rounding around 3 6 cells — each producing a tad bit more than half of a liter, and we rope them together precisely, we’ll get 19.8 volts coming out of our solar panel.

As I said before, only a bit of this voltage is going to be lost since it travels down the wire to the batteries. The voltage is likely to be reduced for about 16 volts by the time it has there. That continues to be enough to shove on the power into the battery to get use today or later.

So in retrospect many solarpanels have 36 solar cells.

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