What Law Cannot Do – A China Sourcing Story


For this particular circumstance, ” I actually don’t think there might happen to be a legally scripted solution to keep this from happening.

Just like how most of those romance stories began, it had been if the Buyer met the Supplier at the fair. A trade show fair that is…

Something I should explain is, the product this is specially specialized and also the supplier is china sourcing of the primary in China.

Unfortunately I have to keep it vague but it basically goes like this:

-Buyer meets supplier at reasonable

-Seller sells a sample to buyer to approve

-Buyer approves sample and wants to start first Purchase

-Seller Will Not sell sample, as product is being sold to a different consumer in same country

-Buyer Dumb-founded

-Seller Delivers a”better and newer” merchandise to buyer, yet still loath to market this, but eventually does

-Buyer understanding holiday is coming up, flies into China to solidify the deal

-Buyer is hoping the new sample will be delivered into residence office to be approved until they arrive at China for meeting… but is not

-Buyer and provider assembly again, provider today will market merchandise and the initially approved sample

-Buyer still needs to approve the sample flying over the Pacific sea.

-Happily ever after?

Yesan more simplified version, but it will get the point across.

Just taking a look at the narrative, it makes one cringe at the thought of conducting business in China. It looks more complicated, unreliable, down frustrating. Why did this happen? Why so complex? Why a long time and money wasted? Sometimes these questions can’t be answered. More over, searching for all these answers isn’t important. What’s essential is, getting things you desire and figuring out how.

Chinese mindset: Cautious, slow approach

Western mentality: Time-line driven


Chinese mentality: in Direct

Western mentality: Direct


Chinese mentality: Prepared to wait patiently

Western mindset: Willing to compromise in lieu of waiting


With all this said the beat of business isn’t achieved to the same drum. Additionally, the pace of trade in the US is based on speed. For a good deal of purchasers, they simply do not need enough time to jump the hoops of relationship management and company development. It absolutely will not exist the identical way it does here. For that reason, they have been locked into a system and working with China becomes confusing and frustrating.

For Chinese businesses, dealing together with foreign organizations is bothersome. Relationship management is virtually nonexistent, business behavior is wholly different. It’s something that both sides have to manage.

Again, what would be your scripted answer? I would venture to say there’s none. The trick to success here is, understanding your surroundings and situation. Preventative homework goes a very long way in China of course if you’re conducting business here it will not solve all of the headaches however it is going to allow you to more prepared to them.

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