It looks like more and more people are moving to Florida.


Florida especially South Florida has always been a hot market for real estate. However, families from California to New York and New England are starting to realize that the best of Florida is not in the Southeast but actually in the Northwest. Places like Pensacola Beach and destined and now prime targets for national home developers looking to establish a foothold in what is becoming the strongest real estate market in the entire Southeast. With a beautiful climate and an average temperature of 80° year-round Florida has always been an ideal destination for snowbirds running away from the harsh winter of the notice. For families in California who already have sunny weather, Florida offers a tax haven with not only lower property taxes but also no state taxes.

Throughout Northwest Florida, you are starting to see tremendous growth. In a recent conversation with a local contractor who offers Land Clearing in Jay, FL. More and more families are building custom homes in multi-acreage lots throughout the Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama. It is not only local businesses were seeing increased demand for their services, but companies throughout the US are also keeping a close eye on what was once a sleepy small-town destination. In a recent conversation with Kyle Berg, managing director of an HVAC Chicago engineering firm, he admitted that in 2018 about 60% of all new large-scale HVAC engineering projects came out of Florida. He went on to explain that he can easily see this number is increasing by as much as 10% in 2019.

Why’s that? Well in 2019 Florida is expected to become the third largest state in the US with an estimated population approaching 21 million residents. Once this mile marker is achieved, Florida would have surpassed New York and be considered a close third to California and Texas. In fact, Florida’s growth is everywhere to be seen. For example, the city of Miami Lakes Florida will be the epic center for the project now known as American Dream Miami. Yes, the largest mall in the US is coming to Miami Lakes, and it will have a massive indoor water park and ice rink. This multibillion-dollar project is set to break ground in early 2019 adding an additional 50,000 jobs to the local economy during the build in an estimated sustainable 25,000 jobs after its open. While liberal strongholds like Broward County are struggling everywhere else throughout state businesses of all sizes are enjoying a huge economic boom.

Daytona Beach for example, once a small vacation destination is today not only the host of the biggest NASCAR race event “the Daytona 500” but all along A1A hotels and restaurants offer visitors an incredible experience found in no other state within the continental US. How long can the growth be sustained? Only time will tell, but for now, those that are at that trenches are ripping huge rewards.

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