Voice purchases


Purchases made through voice search products with Camisetas Gospel Cristãs  engines have increased worldwide. By 2019 it could not be any different. Amazon, for example, estimates a value of $ 10 billion for the next year in purchases made through voice mechanisms.

The impasse is that these types of devices still do not encode the Portuguese language, due to its complexity. As a result, they are still not very popular in Brazil. When Portuguese is accessible in these devices, there will certainly be a significant increase in sales in the country, affecting digital marketing directly, as well as Brazilian e-commerce as a whole.

Integration with social networks
Another trend of e-commerce is the integration of virtual stores Musica Gospel 2019  with social networks, becoming the extension of direct sale of the store. This is especially true with Facebook and the beloved of Brazilians, Instagram.

The problem is in some obstacles that part of the platforms finds in the integration with the social networks at the time of the checkout. What is important is always to observe its e-commerce platform, so that it is an ally in the moment of integration with social networks.

Niche e-commerces
The chances of success may be greater in niche e-commerces. An example that has grown a lot, for example, are stores specializing in plus size fashion, or else, stores focusing on pet accessories.

One of the trends for 2019 is an increase in this type of business, taking advantage of the advantages of digital retail segmentation. Keep an eye!

Virtual and augmented reality
Yeah! Both virtual and augmented reality are already used in some virtual stores, mainly abroad. They are opportunities for customers to evaluate products outside a physical store, thereby improving the online shopping experience and good user experience, as we know, greatly increases the conversion rate.

Lastly, perhaps the most important: the future (and the risk, already the present) of e-commerce is mobile!

Attention to the perfect functioning of your virtual store on mobile devices. The user experience should be quick and didactic, facilitate and shorten the paths to conversion!

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