Adapting to Battlefield 3 From Call of Duty

Are you struggling to do well in Battlefield 3? Have a horrible kill death ratio that isn’t going up? Don’t worry, since Battlefield 3’s release many first person shooter gamers have transitioned from the ultra popular Call of Duty franchise to Battlefield. Battlefield 3 and Battlefield games are very different from the Call of Duty series and you need to adapt your gameplay a whole lot in order to succeed. If you understand the concepts below, you’ll be sure to succeed in Battlefield.

1. Vehicles

One of the biggest differences from Call of Duty to Battlefield 3 is the addition of vehicles. Call of Duty has literally no vehicles while Battlefield has jets, tanks, humvees, and boats. These vehicles are enormously important to your team’s success in Battlefield so you should be sure to familiarize how they work. If you are able to master a certain vehicle, you can rack up tons of easy kills. You should also know the best way to destroy enemy vehicles to help your team.

2. No Kill Streaks

Killstreaks have been an essential part of Call of Duty ever since the first Modern Warfare game came out. However, there are no kill streaks in Battlefield 3. This means that there is really no reason to sit back and camp, offensive is they key to winning many Battlefield games.

3. Squads and Spawning

Squads are very important in Battlefield 3. There are basically teams of up to four players which work together to achieve certain objectives. You can spawn on your squad and if you heal them or revive them you get extra points. You should learn to work with your squad, not only so you can earn more XP, but also you can help your team win the game. Spawning is also very important to this game. Make sure that your team mate is not under fire when spawning on him or else your risk getting shot as well.

4. Spotting

Spotting in Battlefield 3 is when you press the back button when you place your cross hairs on your opponent. It makes your enemies show up on the minimap which can greatly help your teammates target and kill them. Spotting is necessary because Battlefield 3 maps are so large, and you might not have a certain weapon that can fire far enough to hit an enemy. This is where you spot an enemy, so your team’s snipers can pick them off.

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