How to Read the Market Sentiment Tool

Understanding Industry Sentiment Tool

There are 3 important characteristics you’ll need to know to make use of this tool once you exchange.

1. Currency Pairs
On the far left, then you will see a set of currency pairs to pick from.

2. Sentiment Bar
This (opinion ) measuring pub will reveal to you a sliding percentage scale of dealers that are long and short a money set.

Even the RED part of the bar shows dealers’ who’re SHORT (sellers).

The GREEN component of this bar shows traders’ who’re LONG (buyers).

3. Sentiment Dining Table
When you drag your mouse cursor over one of the currency pairs, then you’ll notice a desk Popup with info about each Currency Pair including:

Symbol– EUR / 2500
Action — Short Long
Twist — 3-7% Short / 62% Long
Volume of plenty
Spots — 31,845 Long / 30,853 Short
Whether you would like to:

Buy when the Vast Majority the forex markets of traders are purchasing
Be a contrarian and sell when there is an intense amount of buyers and forecast a reversal in the market or, even
Use this tool as an Excess confirmation signal with your trading strategy…
This tool is yours to trade and also benefit out of because you please.

“Wisdom yields Wealth”

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