The Origins of Poker


Fast poker is the number one most popular game in the world. Already established as far and far the most popular gaming card, poker is now taking the number one game of any kind globally.

The origins of the game are shrouded in mystery, where they were first played. There are of course many theories, the most popular of which were invented by thousands of years ago in Persia as a descendant of the As Nas game. Nobody seems to know for sure and unless there is a major archaeological find, which is frozen to remain a mystery forever 우리카지노.

Poker in it’s recognizable form of the first came to the fore in New Orleans so we can attribute the modern day game to America.

Even the word Poker itself has no definitions of being made up by a writer called Jonathan H Green in the 1830s who commented on the “gambling game” he had observed.

Poker is now online, both online poker and poker home games have changed hands in the process. There have been many millionaires created by the game, but unfortunately there have also been many who have lost everything.

It’s just a game on one level, but the same time has the power to make people or break them. It is a playground that can be used to keep playing and playing games, and is very addictive.

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